Dates: 2013 to 2017 (extended to March 2018)

Budget: 108,900€

Lead researcher: Dr Melinda Dooly (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona)

Reference: EDU2013-43932-P

The KONECT project aims to analyse data stemming from the design and implementation of telecollaborative, international projects with classrooms (primary school pupils and middle-school students) that have been matched with international partners. Based on conclusions drawn from the results of the analysis, the KONECT team will propose specific measures for improving students’ communicative and academic skills in order to better ensure their future participation in the 21st century knowledge society. Results from the evaluation and analysis of the projects will serve for the conception of an educational reference model that will be piloted in workshops and in local teacher education programmes. The results will also be incorporated into working papers for discussion with policy-makers and other education stakeholders. The team will also apply 'self-reflection' on their own practice to propose adaptations needed for effective transglobal research.

Output that will be derived from these actions are: 1) A white paper and teaching materials for international, technology-enhanced telecollaborative, multilingual, interdisciplinary, issue-based teaching. 2) Workshops for teachers to enhance their current practices in project-based learning & workshops aimed at exploring research for 21st century education. 3) Dissemination products (conference presentations, working papers, policy proposals, chapters, book and articles).

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