Research approach

The project takes a mixed methods, reflective, qualitative approach. Following a preliminary analysis of students’ needs for the 21st century information society, the research project team has designed and implemented telecollaborative international projects involving primary and secondary students that revolve around cross-disciplinary issues salient to today’s society. These projects yoke the potential of technological resources to promote collaborative work in a geographically distanced team for knowledge-sharing and entail activities that encourage students to reflect on and discuss their learning process while acquiring content knowledge, and enhancing their communicative and intercultural competences.


These projects serve as an 'object of study'. The data derived from the telecollaborative interactions contributes to the research corpus and is analysed by the research project team in order to elaborate the intellectual outputs concerning findings about geographically-distanced teachers and researchers engaged in the construction of socially-distributed non-linear, dynamic knowledge. Other output includes the elaboration of practical strategies for applying these findings in everyday educational settings. 

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