Research ethics

The project follows the research protocols established by the GREIP research team (Grup de Recerca en Ensenyament i Interacció Plurilingües) with the aim to ensure that our research and teaching meet all ethical principles based on the UNESCO Universal Declaration of Bioethics, the Declaration of Helsinki and the Belmont Report. 

These are summarized as follows:

a) The KONECT research team has carefully considered and discussed any potential risks or harm that may arise as a result of the research and decided upon the means of minimising these possibilities. 

b) The KONECT research team always provides sufficient information to reviewers, ethical board members and participants to fully comprehend the scope of any research project under the aegis of the research team.

c) The KONECT research team always obtain informed consent from all parties involved in the research prior to implementing the research project.

d) Requests for consent will always include the possibility of opting out of the research. 

e) The KONECT research team ensures confidentiality of all research subjects, including data stemming from systematic reviews of documents, which might be considered sensitive in nature. 

f) Personal data from the informants is only for specified and lawful purposes.

g) Participant schools or informants may request viewing of all data related to the research before data management begins. 

i) The method of processing the data is fully disclosed to the informants before beginning data compilation. 

j) Processed data (anonymized, codified, etc.) is used for academic or educational purposes such as publications, conferences, teaching materials and policy documents only with consent from the informants. 

k) As this project involves international research collaboration, the KONECT lead investigator has studied  the ethic statements of all the countries involved in collecting and handling the data in order to draw up the team protocols.

A fuller discussion of issues related to international research has been published through this project:

 Dooly, M. (2015). It takes research to build a community: Ongoing challenges for scholars in digitally-supported communicative language teaching. Calico Journal, 32(1): 172-194


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